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When & Why to Hire Outside Help

Collaborating Effectively Across In-House Teams & Contractors  |  The Revenue Marketing Report Podcast Follow-Up Resource

As we discussed in the podcast episode, one of the most critical aspects to the success of an outsourced relationship -- project-based or ongoing -- is establishing clear methods, expectations and processes around how you plan to collaborate, execute and measure success.

Below you'll find a resource guide to help you navigate those areas for success in your next collaborative  initiative with an agency, consultant or freelancer.

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This guide will break down the needs and steps for successful collaboration across the following stages:

  1. pre-sourcing planning and preparation

  2. contract scoping and alignment

  3. project development and execution

  4. project closure, follow-up and/or maintenance

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Learn More About the Guest, Monique

B2B Revenue Marketing Growth Expert | Avid Crafter & Builder | CrossFit Addict

I've been developing and executing B2B brand, marketing and operational strategies for over 15 years across the spectrum of software, hardware and service -- from fresh startups to high-growth early stage, mid-sized legacy all the way to global, publicly traded brands.

I've worked in and lead collaborative in-house and outsourced projects, both from the side of the agency/consultant, and as part of the in-house team, giving me a breadth of experiences -- good and bad -- in this area.

When not pumping out B2B marketing excellence, I can either be found tinkering, making or building something in the house -- from leather work to furniture -- or at the gym prepping for my next CrossFit competition.

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What's PivotalPitch and what do they do?

PivotalPitch is a revenue growth marketing consultancy, specialized in helping B2B businesses maximize their brand value, go-to-market approach and operations to accelerate market growth, multiply revenue and scale their company aligned to both short and long-term goals.

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