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Hi, from Monique

Founder + Client Growth Strategist at PivotalPitch

Transforming B2B brands...
with vision and data-driven creativity

Hi, I'm Monique, the heart and brain behind PivotalPitch, where we specialize in catalyzing sustainable growth for B2B brands at crucial stages of their journey.


With over 17 years of diving deep into the mechanics of revenue growth, go-to-market strategies, and brand evolution, I've navigated the complexities of scaling businesses from ground zero to industry leaders.


Why PivotalPitch? Because growth is multidimensional

PivotalPitch is more than a consultancy; it's a strategic partner for B2B companies ready to redefine their market stance. Here, we dissect full customer journey marketing and cross-functional team dynamics to unlock compounding, sustainable revenue growth.


Through our proprietary Pivotal Points of Growth™ framework, we address your greatest concerns and opportunities for business growth to:

  • Best align the brand to buyer needs

  • Increase market saturation

  • Reduce customer acquisition costs

  • Accelerate sales velocity & win rates

  • Optimize cross-department operations and data

  • Improve customer lifetime value (LTV)

  • And so much more.

Beyond business: A mission to empower and inspire

My vision extends beyond the boardroom. Running a podcast and engaging on social channels like LinkedIn and others isn't just about sharing what I know—it's about demystifying the path to growth for every visionary entrepreneur and marketing leader.

It's about cutting through the noise to uncover what truly drives business success, fostering a community where growth and profitability is rooted in understanding people:


  • both those we serve

  • and those who help us serve them.

Let's craft your growth story.

If you're navigating the challenging yet thrilling path of scaling your B2B brand, I'm here to light the way.


At PivotalPitch, we don't just aim for incremental growth; we strive for transformation—where strategy meets humanity, and data meets creativity.

Ready to unlock your brand's potential?

Let's embark on this journey together.

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