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Consulting & Project Services

Get the highest level of expertise to evaluate your business, scope your best growth strategy, and assist in developing out key assets and deliverables to make that growth a reality.

Half-day strategy workshop

This workshop is far more than just a half day. It's a transformative, multi-week collaboration to align your goals, analyze your position, and craft a targeted approach for accelerated growth.

This growth consulting workshop is for you if...

  • You're seeking clarity on how to turn business goals to results, aiming to ensure your brand not only stands out but deeply resonates with your target audience, driving both market presence and growth.

  • A deep dive into your competitive and positioning landscape is essential for you, to align actionable marketing strategies with business objectives, while optimizing your sales funnel to enhance lead-to-customer conversion rates efficiently.

  • Tailored recommendations are what you're after, to craft impactful marketing and go-to-market campaigns that deliver measurable results, alongside operational improvements for scalable success.

  • A feasible, efficient and prioritize plan of action is needed, as you look to deepen your understanding of customer behavior and engagement strategies, ensuring every marketing dollar contributes towards growth.

  • Roadmapping opportunities for growth now and down the road resonates with you, especially in harmonizing team efforts and leveraging data for informed decision-making, increasing customer loyalty, and identifying up-sell and cross-sell opportunities.

Strategy workshop process, agenda and key deliverables

Outcome: You walk away not just with a clear vision and plan for leveraging pivotal growth opportunities within your business, but also with the practical tools and insights needed to implement these strategies for sustainable, compounding revenue growth.

Strategy workshop FAQs

This workshop is specifically designed for B2B companies looking to accelerate their growth through strategic marketing efforts.


Ideal participants include the founder/CEO, and any essential leaders or key contributors in the business across marketing, product , sales , and customer success keen on aligning their strategies directly with business outcomes.


To ensure an immersive and personalized experience, we anticipate the workshop to include 3-6 key stakeholders from your organization who play a pivotal role in your marketing and growth strategies.

A la carte consulting & projects

Often businesses need specific areas of their business enriched, developed, and actioned upon to make growth a reality. Aligned to our Pivotal Points of Growth™ framework, we provide strategy development and execution services across the following key areas:

PPoG Brand Icon.png

Establishing Brand Identity & Market Position

  • Market research & positioning

  • Brand name creation & global vetting

  • Competitor analysis & positioning

  • Brand messaging & personality development

  • Visual brand development & channel alignment

  • Brand guidelines & other documentation

PPoG Buyer Icon.png

Enriching Buyer Knowledge & Connectivity

  • Buyer/customer lifecycle stage mapping

  • Ideal client profile (ICP) identification

  • Buyer personal & messaging development

  • Buyer data point matrix mapping

  • Audience expansion opportunity assessment

  • ICP message, channel & strategy development

PPoG Pipeline Icon.png

Build a Leak-Free, Customer-Centric Pipeline

  • Reverse revenue journey mapping

  • Data hygiene audit & strategy

  • Funnel backend system optimization

  • Complete pipeline team SOP/SLA structure, guide & trainings (from top of funnel marketing through to customer service and renewals teams)

PPoG GTM Icon.png

Activating Dynamic GTM, Brand & Demand Gen Campaigns

  • Digital footprint & SEO blueprint

  • High-intent demand capture system

  • Multi-stage nurture programming

  • Account-based marketing strategies

  • Overarching go-to-market strategy development

  • Partnership programming & outreach

  • Specific product launch, scale, & GTM campaign

  • Event marketing planning (virtual and in-person)

PPoG Data Ops Icon.png

Maximizing Cross-Functional Data & Operations

  • First party buyer data optimization

  • Personalized lead scoring model 

  • Progressive profiling structures

  • End-to-end executive reporting

  • Sales enablement strategies

PPoG Customer LTV Icon.png

Enabling Customer Retention, Expansion & Higher LTV

  • Customer onboarding automation 

  • Key account growth strategies

  • Churn reduction & adoption nurture structures

  • Referral program strategies

  • Customer advocacy program structure

Whether a listed item above is what you need or you aren't sure but know you need to tackle one of these key 6 categories, we can help you identify what would have the greatest impact to your revenue growth.


Not sure what type of support you need?

We've got you covered.

Our founder and lead client growth expert, Monique Olan, will happily jump on a growth strategy session with you at no cost.

In 20-30 minutes she'll easily help you identify your best path forward to more compounding, sustainable revenue growth.

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