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The Pivotal Points of Growth™ Framework

Over 17 transformative years, Monique Olan, founder of PivotalPitch, has worked across a variety of business sizes, stages, product types, and customer bases, to uncover and refine the essence of what drives B2B companies forward.


This became the Pivotal Points of Growth™ Framework, a blueprint for unlocking sustainable, compounding growth.

Pivotal Points of Growth Diagram.png

Brand Identity & Market Position

Buyer Knowledge & Connectivity

Customer Retention & Expansion

Leak-Free, Customer-Centric Pipeline

Cross-Functional Data & Operation

Dynamic GTM & Demand Campaigns

These 6 key areas exist across all businesses, just how, in what shape, and in what priority of evolution would vary. What she found was that, when each of these were assessed, researched, and then strategically optimized for accuracy, creativity, efficiency, and effectiveness, the businesses would experience pivotal points of growth.


Best yet, these areas are intertwined → meaning evolution in one creates potential in others →  which is how we've been able to perpetuate continuous improvement and new opportunities as each business matures and market potential expands.


At PivotalPitch, we’ve developed systems, assets, and approaches across all of these to harness those opportunities for greater, more predictable, and compounding revenue growth.

Dig in deeper to the 6 points of growth

Establish Brand Identity & Market Position

PPoG Brand Icon.png

Crafting Your Unmistakable Echo in the Marketplace

Your brand's identity and market position are more than just a logo or a tagline; they are your declaration of differentiation. At PivotalPitch, we delve into competitor analysis, core messaging, and unique selling propositions, ensuring your brand not only stands out but speaks directly to the hearts and minds of your target audience.

Know & Connect with Your Buyer

Fostering Deep Connections Through Insight

Understanding your buyers goes beyond demographics. It’s about empathizing with their journey, anticipating their needs, and engaging them with precisely timed and tailored messaging. Our strategies ensure your marketing efforts resonate, creating a lasting impact and driving conversion.

Build a Leak-Free, Customer-Centric Pipeline

PPoG Pipeline Icon.png

Sealing the Pathway to Purchase

A seamless journey from awareness to decision is key to maximizing conversions. We optimize your marketing funnel, ensuring each stage is a stepping stone towards purchase, with no lead left behind. Our approach guarantees efficiency and effectiveness in turning interest into action.

Activate Dynamic Go-to-Market & Demand Campaigns

PPoG GTM Icon.png

Igniting Market Engagement Across All Fronts

Market dynamism demands strategies that are both agile and profound. From sparking initial brand awareness to nurturing leads into loyal customers, our go-to-market and demand generation campaigns are designed to meet your audience wherever they may be in their journey, driving meaningful engagement and results.

Maximize Cross-Functional Data & Operations

PPoG Data Ops Icon.png

Harmonizing Insights for Smarter Growth

The power of data is realized when it’s shared across teams, breaking silos and fostering a unified approach to growth. We leverage actionable insights from across your organization to refine strategies, enhance operational efficiency, and elevate sales outcomes.

Scale Customer Retention & Expansion

PPoG Customer LTV Icon.png

Cultivating Customers for Life

Beyond the first sale lies the opportunity for lasting relationships. Our retention and expansion strategies are built on enhancing the customer experience, encouraging loyalty, and identifying opportunities for meaningful upsells and cross-sells, thereby maximizing customer lifetime value (LTV).

Time to pivot your business towards growth.

Your path to sustainable, compounding growth starts with understanding and effectively applying The Pivotal Points of Growth™ Framework .


Let PivotalPitch be your guide to not just achieving but exceeding your growth ambitions.


Together, we’ll unlock the full potential of your business..

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