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Full-time or fractional CMO? How do you decide?

This is the kind of question I should DEFINITELY be able to give a clear answer to, right? Sure. When asked this, I give a super clear and simple answer, which is...

It depends.

Probably one of the most annoying answers for someone to hear when making a complex (and costly) decision such as hiring a Chief Marketing Officer!

But it does.

It starts with better understanding what it can depend on, and how those things it depends on can mix to create different circumstances that THEN can clarify if fractional or full-time makes sense.

In this recent article with Fractionals United, I clarify...

  • What it depends on and why

  • 3 common situations where fractional works well

  • Words of advice if you are debating between the two

Here's a short summary of the article...

What it depends on...

From your business type, to your budget, your revenue (now and goals), current state of marketing, and your team composition and proficiencies, there's a multitude of business attributes to consider.

And in each layer of those attributes, any different combination can make the best answer different too!

3 common scenarios...

In the article, I break down in detail the three following situations where a Fractional Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) will make sense and likely give you the greatest ROI and value than going with a full-time, in-house leader.

  1. Needing high-level expertise on a lean budget or tighter profit margin.

  2. Needing a "change-agent" to tackle a problem or capitalize on an opportunity.

  3. Needing leadership and direction for a team with a good foundation.

At the end of the day...

You want to make the right selection of format for your marketing leader as much as that CMO (fractional or full-time) wants to make sure they are working with the right company. So if you aren't sure which is right, reach out!


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