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Fractional CMO & Advisory

Going beyond developing and handing over strategy, as a Fractional Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) or Advisor, we come in as a part-time executive to run your marketing team, holding responsibility for ALL your marketing outcomes.

It's the ideal combination of expert strategy, team leadership, and support for campaign operations with your existing team and resources, at the fraction of the cost of hiring a marketing leader full-time.

High-Engaged Fractional CMO

Ideal for businesses seeking a hands-on leader to elevate your marketing and steer daily strategy and campaign execution, ensuring your marketing team's efforts align with your business's growth ambitions.

A high-engaged fractional CMO is perfect for you if...

  • You're dedicating more time to marketing than CEO-level decisions.

  • Deciding on the next impactful marketing initiative and focus feels like guesswork.

  • Your customer journey isn't clearly defined, and you lack measurable KPIs.

  • You need a strategic partner to translate vision into actionable marketing plans.

  • You lack a clear alignment of marketing focus to bigger business revenue and growth goals.

  • Your goal is to bolster your team with expert oversight, driving towards clear objectives.

  • You know you need the expertise of a seasoned experienced CMO to make the right moves, but aren't sure how to access that affordably while also investing in 'doers' in the marketing team too.

  • You need someone who knows how to 'build the plane while flying it' both in your go-to-market strategy AND in how you hire, scale and build your team behind it.

Scope of high-engaged fractional CMO support:

  • Dedicated marketing leader for about 10 hours per week within your organization to:

  • Transform the CEO & Board’s vision into targeted marketing campaigns and objectives.

  • Oversee talent acquisition and team management to implement strategies effectively.

  • Provide weekly progress updates on key performance indicators (KPIs).

  • Foster innovation in strategy and execution to meet and exceed goals.

  • Application of the 6 The Pivotal Points of Growth™ Framework alongside a functional marketing growth system for comprehensive strategy development and team execution.

  • A suite of 9 core deliverable in the first 30-60 days across foundational assets, audits, company-wide master structures, instant profit marketing campaigns, priority growth initiatives roadmap, and more (see FAQ below for full list of initial deliverables).

  • Leadership through quarterly planning, weekly reviews, and daily team coordination.

Ideal for businesses with:

  • Annual revenue of at least $1 million.

  • At least 1-2 marketing technicians/doers to execute on strategic direction given and guided by the Fractional CMO (or at least approved budget to immediately hire/outsource for these 1-2 marketing doers).

  • The need for strategic marketing leadership without the overhead of a full-time executive.

Fractional CMO FAQs

This service is tailored for B2B companies that need a strategic marketing leader to not only devise but actively implement growth strategies.


It's ideal if you find yourself as the founder too involved in marketing to focus on overarching CEO duties and greater business needs, lack a concrete marketing direction, or need to better align marketing efforts with broader business revenue and growth goals.

Growth Marketing Advisor

For businesses that have established a marketing foundation and seek to maintain momentum, refine strategies, and adjust priorities, our Growth Marketing Advisory service offers ongoing strategic oversight and guidance to your existing internal and outsourced resources to ensure long-term growth and marketing success.

A growth marketing advisor is ideal if you...

  • Have established a foundational go-to-market function but require...

    • Expert strategic oversight to navigate evolving market conditions and business growth stages.

    • A seasoned marketing leader's perspective for adjusting strategies and ensuring campaigns are on track.

    • Maintained strategic alignment within your marketing team and broader organizational objectives.

    • Someone who's familiar with what may be uncharted waters for your business.

    • A revenue driven but creative expert marketer who can brainstorm and actualize new ideas.

  • Are looking for more 1:1 coaching and advice from someone with experience in balancing between high flexibility needs to adapt and growth and structure to create scalability in your go-to-market functions.

  • Are looking for long-term growth marketing support with the least financial risk.

  • You have recently completed the Half Day Strategic Workshop or 90-days a High-Engaged Fractional CMO client and are looking to maintain expert strategic oversight and direction as your in-house team proceeds with executing on growth roadmap developed.

Scope of advisory support:

  • Bi-monthly sprint planning and review calls to align strategies, initiatives, and team efforts (you + team).

  • Monthly 1:1 leadership consult, advice, and planning  calls (just for you the founder or your head of marketing).

  • Access to proven marketing frameworks, SOPs, and tools to streamline execution and enhance outcomes.

  • Unlimited asynchronous email support to provide guidance, troubleshoot issues, and optimize campaign performance.

Ideal for businesses...

  • Anywhere from early startup to established company.

  • That have a marketing team in place, need strategic oversight to ensure greatest efficiency against growth goals, but needed on a lower-touch format than a High-Engaged Fractional CMO.

Advisory support starts at $3,000 per month. If in the initial consult call we determine there's a hybrid approach that may be best suited for you between Advisory and Fractional CMO, that will be established in that call.

Embark on your journey with our Advisory service by scheduling a free strategy call. This initial conversation will help us understand your current marketing landscape and how ongoing advisory can propel your business forward.


Not sure what type of support you need?

We've got you covered.

Our founder and lead client growth expert, Monique Olan, will happily jump on a growth strategy session with you at no cost.

In 20-30 minutes she'll easily help you identify your best path forward to more compounding, sustainable revenue growth.

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