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Real Clients.
Real Results.

Across multiple stages of growth, different industries,  sizes, market needs, challenges, and opportunities, this page gives you a quick glance at various clients I've worked with and the success we've managed to achieve.

35% revenue growth in a global, complex, and oversaturated market


Energy/Power Gen




Product + Service

Situation: The company was excellent with their customer service and quality of product and service, but they were struggling to stand out, often losing sales to the many lower cost competitors in the space.

Solution:  We audited, built systems, refreshed brand positioning, and activated campaigns across core gap and opportunities areas in their pipeline.

Results: Within 6 months of the rebrand and marketing strategy activation we achieved:

  • 8x increase in qualified pipeline

  • 65% decrease in acquisition costs

  • 23% increase in sales close rate

  • 2x increase in repeat purchases

Ultimately achieving a 35% increase in revenue within year 1.

14% revenue growth after a full product-led growth (PLG) go-to-market rollout


Business Data Software


High-Growth Startup


B2B SaaS

Situation: The product team was nearing final stages of being able to active a fully product-led user purchase and application for their lower segment users, but just what that meant in how they bring it to market, as well as what was needed to onboard those new users to reduce churn was unclear.

Solution: We dove deep into market research, mapped the full customer journey, established a cross-quarter product launch campaign, built dynamic and personalized automated onboarding engagement flows, and augmented  the primary sales-led, higher end deal/customer motion to achieve the greatest rollout, higher conversion and upsell, and longer-term user adoption.

Results: After the first two quarters of the launch, overall 14% growth in revenue, stemming from a 96% increase in sales qualified leads In addition to a whole new branch of product-led revenue, we increased their higher end solution closed/won sales by 23%.

3x the average deal size from more intelligent demand gen & marketing ops


Collaboration Software


High-Growth Startup


B2B SaaS

Situation: The business was faced with a need to elevate their position as a market leader in a space growing with new competitive solution, as well as begin to create systems for scaling operations while maintaining their startup flexibility.

Solution: We ran a deep gap and opportunities analysis and roadmap across pivotal points of growth with:

  • New aligned messaging and tactics to their ideal buyer

  • Fixes to their leaky funnel with improved data capture, cross-departmental flow, and implementation

  • New thought leadership, full funnel demand generation, and nurture campaigns aligned to the new ICP segments

  • Dynamic account-based marketing (ABM) and sales enablement programs 

Results: We were able to position the brand as 1 of 3 top leaders in the market at the time, and then dramatically shift their pipeline quality to result in a 3x average deal size.

Time to pivot your marketing towards growth.

If more effective marketing direction, team leadership and a hyper-focus on revenue growth sounds like what you need, let's hop on a quick call and see if we're a good fit.

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