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Revenue Growth Activation for B2B Tech & Software Companies

Helping companies expand their qualified sales pipeline, increase full funnel conversion rates, and improve customer retention and key account growth.

Through a 5 Pivotal Points of Growth System, I've aided companies like Autodesk, Oracle, and Zendesk in lowering client acquisition costs and increasing lifetime customer value to maximize their revenue growth.

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Five areas of expertise, one pivotal resource.

Gaining a deep understanding the problems that customers face is how you build products that provide

Market Research & Positioning

The riches are in the niches... are you clear on what your niche and competitive edge is for greatest growth?

Whether new to market, looking to maximize where you are, or wanting to discover gaps and opportunities to take advantage of, we will do a deep dive on your market, competitor landscape, buyer personas and ideal customers, to establish a positioning that your whole company can clearly operate off of for greatest audience engagement and customer acquisition.

Brand Identity & Messaging

If we ask a sales person and product developer at your company, "what does your brand do?" ...would they answer the same? Would their answer be the same as the CEO's?

Often, founders have a clear vision of the company , the value it provides and the direction it's going, but it's not always disseminated throughout the company. We'll work through exercises with you to not only make your identity clear, but more customer-centric and powerful, enabling every department to live and breath your value proposition, meaning more closed sales and better customer retention.

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Design thinking is a human-centered approach to innovation that draws from the designer's toolkit to

Go-To-Market & Demand Programs

What's a successful "marketing mix" changes weekly, sometimes daily. That paired with the shifts in buyer expectations, knowing what dynamic mix of tactics, assets, tech and workflows are needed to successfully bring something to market requires deep rooted expertise.

Let our years and current experiences of trials, testing, successes and optimization serve you. Whether you're looking for a comprehensive brand launch plan, or for a more singular product or campaign launch, we work with you to not just garner frontline marketing impact, but develop a full, end-to-end strategy to engage, capture, delight, close and grow customers, before and after purchase.

Revenue Operations & Technology

Successful B2B brands today have built a "revenue engine" across the whole organization - from marketing to customer service, product teams, IT and on. Gone are the days of siloed department processes, data flows, technology and metrics of success.

Intelligent B2B revenue operations are designed around a customer-centric, ideal buyer journey, with processes, data flow, technology and metrics aligned across the company. We'll work with you assess your current operations, no matter the stage you're at, and establish what is needed to shift and/or reinforce your engine for greatest revenue generation, expansion and customer lifetime value.

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Cross-Functional Alignment

The alignment across departments is one of the most powerful areas of focus that can either make or break the success of a company.

Often done in conjunction with one or more of our other four areas of expertise, we work with you to help create greater understanding, cohesion, collaboration and functionality across the departments of your company ⇢ not just the "customer-touchpoint" team, all areas. This may just include a leadership discussion and plan, or may include more extensive short and long-term training workshops.

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Two paragraphs doesn't even come close to illuminating what's achieved as we collaborate and deliver in these five areas of expertise.

Let's get in touch and dive deeper together.

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Let us help you thrive.

If anything is resonating with you, let's hop on a quick call and see if we're a good fit.

We're happy to chat about your industry, the stage of your business, what needs you have for growth and what your next steps might be.

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How do we get to excellence?

Simple. Together.

You can segment our work with you into three key collaborative stages:


Bringing together leadership direction, "tribal" knowledge, data, analytics and market research to lay the foundational insights to make informed thoughts and decisions in the next steps.


Blending experience, current growth trends and successful programing, market and customer understanding, foundational data, tech and operational structures to shape the strategy.


Providing the long and short term strategy and next steps to execute and achieve success, whether through a 1:1 handoff, team workshop, trainings, or an ongoing check-in and review plan.

Why so collaborative? Who knows your business better than you? No one.

We work with you to expand on the business and valuable solution you already built, maximize how you resonate with your market, and ensure you have the operational setup and processes in place to garner the greatest market capture, conversion, retention and growth.

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Why Us?

PivotalPitch has over 15 years working with B2B companies developing and executing strategies across:

  • brand creation and development

  • market and product positioning

  • go-to-market launches

  • demand generation and acceleration

  • customer expansion and retention

  • revenue operations and technology

  • sales and marketing alignment

  • and more...

From fresh startups to global brands -- we have supported market growth, business scale and cross-department alignment and operation of varying sizes, stages, industries and product offerings. 

Know you need to do something, but not sure what?

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