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Marketing & Revenue Growth Activation for B2B Businesses

Helping companies identify, strengthen and capitalize on pivotal points of growth in their go-to-market strategies and customer journey operations to achieve compounding and sustainable revenue growth.


Navigating your unique growth challenges

It's universal in B2B business to be faced with challenges in garnering market saturation and scaling. However... when you add context of your unique company's stage of business, core differentiators, market landscape, competitors, and customer needs... how to effectively get there becomes obscure.

With over 17 years helping businesses tackle these challenges with tailored strategies , we've established the following three categories as those we excel at:

Wondering how we achieve that growth? Explore our core areas of expertise and the Pivotal Points of Growth™ framework.

Looking for proof? Dive into various client examples and full case studies with measurable results on growth and revenue.

How do we achieve growth together?

While we follow a core framework, the strategies we develop and lead for each client are bespoke to their business, market, and current growth stage. As a result, the way in which we deliver on them vary too, so we provide growth marketing support in the following formats:

Business Growth & Marketing Consulting

Through deep analysis of business operations, go-to-market strategy, and customer journey, we identify gaps and opportunities for greater brand and revenue growth, and help you fulfill them from 3-month game planning to functional operations mapping, project support and more.

Fractional CMO or Ongoing Advisory

If you need expert strategy, marketing team leadership, and campaign and operations support at the fraction of the cost of hiring it in-house, this is for you.  From a high engaged Fractional Chief Marketing Officer to lighter touch advisory oversight, we offer this on a bespoke spectrum.

Growth Accelerator Program & Community

Launching late May, we're activating a new program and community space specifically for early stage startups to help them build and grow across the Pivotal Points of Growth, to better project their go-to-market and scaling potential for both early customer acquisition and investors.

We focus on delivering strategies, direction and guidance aligned to your unique business needs to achieve the most effective and scalable route to sustainable growth.
Whether coming in fully as a Fractional CMO or guiding 3 specific key projects, our goal is to both provide our extensive expertise and steer accountability and nurturing of your marketing team so that everything we do can be followed through and optimized as they grow with your business.


6 areas of expertise, 1 pivotal resource.

In tackling B2B scalability, we focus on full buyer/customer journey marketing and cross-functional team strategies and operations that span across what we call the Pivotal Points of Growth™.


Brand Identity & Market Position
Buyer Knowledge & Connectivity
Leak-Free, Customer-Centric Pipeline
Dynamic GTM & Demand Campaigns
Cross-Functional Data & Operations
Customer Retention & Expansion

Pivotal Points of Growth Diagram.png

These areas are intertwined, so evolution in one creates expanded potential in the others, enabling us to strategically achieve compounding and sustainable revenue growth.


Why us?

We know how frustrating it is to have big growth goals for your company, but feel bogged down by marketing that isn't working or taking up your time as a business leader.

PivotalPitch was founded by Monique Olan, a 17+ years veteran in B2B marketing and business leadership with a hyper focus on blending the balance of creative and data-driven strategies for growth in market share and revenue.

With diverse experience across various company sizes, stages, industries, and product offerings, Monique has successfully driven growth for many known brands at the intersection of people and profit → helping you more successfully tap into the audience you serve while also elevating the people in your company that help you serve them.

Time to pivot your marketing towards growth.

If more effective marketing direction, team leadership and a hyper-focus on revenue growth sounds like what you need, let's hop on a quick call and see if we're a good fit.

Not ready to talk, but still want resources?

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