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Revenue Growth Activation for B2B Technology Businesses

Helping B2B technology hardware, software, and service companies expand qualified and converting pipeline, lower customer acquisition costs, and 2x customer lifetime value in 9 months or less.

We've aided brands like Autodesk, Oracle, and Zendesk in creating scalable, predictable revenue, through marketing campaigns and operations that maximize on pivotal points of growth.

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5 areas of expertise, 1 pivotal resource.

Gaining a deep understanding the problems that customers face is how you build products that provide

Market Research & Positioning

Whether new to market, or trying to maximize your position, we’ve carried out gap and opportunity analysis, buyer breakdowns, competitive landscape mapping, and positioning alignment for various clients to better engage audiences and win over customer acquisition.

Brand Identity & Messaging

Through proven brand exercises, mapping and data matrixing, we create customer-centric messaging that most powerfully connects to your audience across every stage of the buyer journey to enable greater market saturation, closed sales, and customer retention.

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Design thinking is a human-centered approach to innovation that draws from the designer's toolkit to

Go-To-Market & Demand Programs

From annual planning to specific product or campaign launches to daily program operations, we apply years of expertise in developing and deploying bespoke, KPI-driven go-to-market strategies to engage, capture, delight, close and grow customers, before and after purchase.

Revenue Operations & Technology

We audit and structure a tailored end-to-end “revenue engine” ⇢ from marketing to customer service, product teams, and on ⇢ to best leverage buyer insights, positioning strategies, processes, data flow, tech and metrics for greatest profitability and customer lifetime value.

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Cross-Functional Alignment

We work with you to help create greater understanding, cohesion, collaboration and functionality across the departments of your company ⇢ not just the "customer-touchpoint" team, ALL areas ⇢ to enable greatest efficiency as they each work toward business goals.

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Time to pivot your marketing towards growth.

If more effective marketing strategic direction, team leadership and a hyper-focus on revenue growth sounds like what you need, let's hop on a quick call and see if we're a good fit.

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How do we achieve growth together?

We collaborate on your marketing growth strategy and execution in three core formats:

Fractional Chief Marketing Officer

As a Fractional Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) we deploy a part-time executive with full-time expertise and processes to run your marketing team and own responsibility for ALL your marketing outcomes.


By deploying the Functional Marketing® Framework ⇢ a KPI-driven strategic approach and process ⇢ you’ll get a comprehensive marketing strategy with prioritized campaigns. Your executive marketing leader will work with your team daily to execute the strategy, as well as lead ongoing quarterly and annual planning against the bigger picture business goals.

Consulting Sessions & Projects

With the Route to Revenue Growth Strategy Session, we work through a hyper-focused session together, in anywhere from a half-day to two-day format to put together your customer journey map, audit existing strategies, systems, vendors, etc., ideate high-impact marketing initiatives, and lay out the essential next steps for your marketing department to activate growth strategies.


Through project-based growth marketing consulting, we come in to analyze, scope, and game plan essential assets, campaigns, and programs to address one or more of the six Pivotal Points of Growth™, that will allow your business to lower client acquisition costs and increased lifetime customer value for maximum predictable revenue growth.

Growth Marketing Advisor

Our expert marketing leader will work with you to oversee your marketing team’s progress against your growth via check-ins every other week. This will provide strategic direction and accountability as the team works to stay on track with all campaigns and implement continual improve.


Advisor level support is available after at least 90-days as your Fractional CMO, after a Route to Revenue Growth Strategy Session, or after one or more key consulting projects. This ensures we have the right understanding of the business needs, a bespoke strategic direction, and some foundations for us to operate on as we move forward.

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We focus on delivering strategies, direction and guidance for your internal teams as the most effective and scalable route to sustainable growth.
Whether we come in fully as a Fractional CMO or just on a few key projects, our goal is to both provide our extensive expertise and steer accountability and nurturing of your marketing team so that everything we do can be followed through and optimized as they grow with your business.


Why Us?

We know it can be frustrating to have big growth goals for your company, but feel bogged down by marketing that isn't working, or taking up too much of your time as the company leader.

PivotalPitch is led by Monique Olan, who has over 15 years working with B2B companies overcome those frustrations by developing and executing strategies to across:

  • brand creation and development

  • market and product positioning

  • go-to-market launches

  • demand generation and acceleration

  • customer expansion and retention

  • revenue operations and technology

  • sales and marketing alignment

  • and more...

While she has expertise across various company sizes, stages, industries, and product offerings ⇢ from fresh startups to global brands ⇢ we have focused our 7 years since incorporation on being experts in growth marketing for B2B technology and SaaS companies in high-growth stages.

Want to dive into examples of Monique helping clients achieve real revenue results?

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Monique is an active member of CMOx, a consortium for Fractional CMOs to pool resources and visions as we evangelize this powerful and emerging model to best serve our clients.

As a member, we have access to extended tools, processes, and certifications, as well as the extended vibrant minds of the other expert CMOs in the network, to provide an elevation to our practices in delivering expertise for the businesses we support.

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