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PivotalPitch on the Revenue Marketing Report Podcast!

Founder, fractional CMO and advisor, Monique Olan, featured episodes

With great appreciation for talking about all things revenue, marketing and business leadership, our founder, Monique Olan, has been invited to speak on The Revenue Marketing Report Podcast numerous times.
Here you'll find quick access to the last 4 episodes she's been on, as well as access to resources provided for listeners to take action.

Podcast Episodes

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When numbers fail to convince: Why storytelling skills are a must in B2B! 

In this episode we dive into how story and context helps data go from what you are seeing to WHY you should care, how to add more value, and how to leverage insights to understand the buyer journey.

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When taking risks as a B2B chief marketing officer (CMO) makes sense

In this episode we talk about what the CMO is really meant to do in a company, the importance of challenging the status quo early and navigating the "difficult to measure" areas of impact.

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THIS is why your board of directors isn't listening to you

In this episode we get real about why what you say may not be getting well listened to, hitting a big list of possible reasons and talk about how to better get their attentive ear.

DALL·E 2024-02-22 18.31_edited.jpg

When & why outsource in marketing?

In this episode we discuss when best to outsource vs. maintain in-house, common missteps in the collaboration process, types of outsourced solutions best for different situations, and more.

Brainstorming over paper_edited_edited.jpg

Relevant Resources

Here are some downloadable guides and articles relevant to the topics covered on these various podcasts!

PivotalPitch - Successful Outsourcing - Guide Image.png

Guide to successfully collaborating across in-house & outsourced teams

This breaks down the needs across the stages of pre-sourcing, contract scoping, project development, execution, engagement closure, and maintenance forward.


Fractional vs. consultant vs. agency: What's the difference? And why care?

This article digs into the essential difference of what each of these are, what kind of engagement format they follow, and types of outcomes to expect with each.


Full-time or fractional CMO? How do you decide?

The fractional leadership space is growing more prevalent, but does it make sense for your business? This article dives into three common scenarios where it does and why.

Learn more about the guest, Monique

Founder of PivotalPitch and B2B marketing expert driving growth at the intersection of people & profit

Monique has been developing and executing B2B brand, marketing and operational strategies for over 17 years across the spectrum of software, hardware and service -- from fresh startups to high-growth early stage, mid-sized legacy all the way to global, publicly traded brands.​

She has been at the front of leading teams, projects and initiatives both big and small, as a change-agent in propelling client growth. She's lead in-house and an outsourced projects, both from the side of the agency/consultant, and as part of the in-house team, giving her a breadth of experience in efficiency and effectiveness in this area. 

Ultimately Monique believes that the growth potential of a business comes from understanding and advancing the two core sets of people -- those you serve as buyers/customers, and those that make up your business -- and this is all supported through the development and maximization of your business across 6 pivotal points of growth.


Time to pivot your marketing towards growth.

If more effective marketing strategic direction, team leadership and a hyper-focus on revenue growth sounds like what you need, let's hop on a quick call and see if we're a fit.

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